Thanks received at Philiphaugh Manor

We thank all of our resident’s families that have found time, often at this saddest of times, to write and thank our staff for the care provided to their loved one.

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I rate this home very highly. The home provides a safe caring environment for my father who is thriving. The staff are friendly, caring and approachable and having a very good attitude towards the residents. We visit the home to see my father 3 times a week. My brother visits similarly. We visit at different times of the day at random and in over 3 years we have never come away with concerns over the welfare of my father. I would be very pleased to recommend this care home to other families.

January 2019

To protect the privacy and data of the the resident and author, all names and addresses have been removed. Original letters and cards are available for inspection in the Thank You book at the home and on the "Your Opinion Counts" board.

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Our Latest Independent User Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The user 'Recommendation Score' (9.5 for Philiphaugh Manor) is calculated using a combination of the average of all ratings on user Recommendations submitted in the last 2 years, and the total number of user recommendations submitted in relation to the number of beds at the care home. The maximum Recommendation Score is 10.

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In accordance with our policy of openness and honesty, we hope that these recommendations give an genuine and fair representation of the care provided at Philiphaugh Manor Care Home.